Our founders realized that their expertise and experience along with best practices need to be leveraged to improve productivity and performance
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VCS is an experienced management knowledge shop specializing in Program Management services, Engineering Management Services and Quality Management services . We do not replace the need for the owner’s management team. Instead, we help support the owner’s management team. Our core competencies dovetail with your core competencies. We provide a platform that helps our clients prepare for and execute small to large projects. This platform helps you to better control the duration and cost of your project while improving performance and predictability.

We also bring a set of processes, procedures and experience unique to startups/revamps. We have expertise in Program Management covering Scope Development, Cost Estimating, Planning and Cost Management. VCS is independent from contractors and provides totally impartial services…always acting in your best interest. We are proficient in program management , engineering services ,process management ,quality practices and testing .

VCS services are offered on a customized basis after clearly understanding your requirements. We specially focus on the Small and Medium enterprises. Since we are independent from engineering and contracting firms, we provide totally impartial services––always acting in your best interest.