Smart Program Delivery in Recession times Print
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Written by V. G. Raman   
Friday, 10 April 2009 09:59

Program Management Practices can play an effective role during these troubled times.We need to ensure that a program is run like a tightly controlled ship with the following core objectives :

  • Strategic objectives are not watered down or compromised
  • Product and Project developmemt and customization lead times are brought down considerably on a continuos improvement basis.We need to start getting intolerant to "wait" time and opposition to "reuse" models.
  • Reduction in time and effort on quality and testing efforts especially where same defects keep appearing again due to lack of implementation of "lessons learnt" from previous progrems and projects.
  • Tight control over customer communication to cut down on delays due to delayed approvals and sign offs.
  • An effective PMO ensuring elimination of delays among stakeholders and participants and mandating the usage of Lean practices to eliminate wastages and delays.

One can argue that these objectives were indeed the objectives during good times and if not followed is just throwing up incompetence. Yes this argument is right. We really did not think of putting off the engine of our car in the traffic signals during good times and now we put off the engine at the first opportunity.Our household budgets have reduced and inventories have come down though our quality of living has not been compromised.

To conclude, I think that Effective Program Management with adaptation of Lean practices and Waste control construes Smart Program Management especially to be adapted during these challenging times.


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