Ideal for companies who want to leverage their own capabilities to enhance performance :: The services we offer are a logical mix of shared responsibilities and supportive roles throughout the organization
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We work with you at the highest levels. In some phases of the project you will be taking the primary responsibility and we will be supporting you. In other situations, we will take responsibility with your support. Our Visharad  Program Management Consultancy Framework is a proven framework designed to encourage a focused “one team” environment. This model can also be deployed in start ups.

These services are unique and are tailored to the needs of each project. They are flexible. Services can be structured to match the objectives for the project owner organizations and the end customer and allow us to align our goals accordingly.

When managing and working with your executives, we act as owner/agents to effectively represent your best interests. We do not provide direct field labor but we do help you better deploy your human assets with more efficiency and quality.